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Everything You Need to Know About Man in Suit


Whether in your office or even in your school, suits are now a compulsory dress code for men. Indeed, most of the men don’t have to wear a suit daily but there is no way to avoid it in many of their formal situations. Again, there are some professional positions where the only and daily dress code is suited. So, today, we are going to talk about this, I mean about the man in suit.

Not only for the men but also the school and college-going students often are in rules to wear a suit daily. Even, their dress code is like that. Again, female students and job holders often have to wear a suit. Today, we are going to talk neither about female suiting nor about institutionalized coded suits. But our conversation will follow a variety of choices of suits for men.

If you are a man and ever buy suits for your own body, you must know that thousands of variations can confuse you. Even, many of us fail to buy the right suit for them. There are many things to consider and also to confirm. Moreover, in the shops, there are huge collections. Those variations are so confusing that you will be confused very easily.

This is why many of our regular visitors often ask to provide some tips to buy the right suits. So, I am here after investigating lots of factors regarding the same subject. So, today, we going to learn everything about buying the right suits. However, we will start with the sizing as it is the most important fact to consider.

Suit Sizing


Yes, sizing is the most important fact to buy a suit. It doesn’t matter how pricy it is if it doesn’t fit well. When it is too loose, it is impossible to look dashing. At the same time, if it is too much tighter, you can never feel comfortable to wear it. Also, it won’t look great. So, you have to check whether it fits perfectly or not.

While assuring the perfect size of your suit, you have to consider the size of every part of your body.


If you have a natural widen shoulder, you don’t need to make it loosen. Just bring a suit of your shoulder size. But so of use don’t have a perfectly widen shoulder. They can use the padded shoulder suit. It looks perfect for them. Also, they should remember not to make it too much widen so that it looks pretty odd.


Whatever size of your chest, you should make sure to fit the suit with your chest perfectly. If you not too much thinner, then use a suit with 1 or 1.5 inches loosen. Too much loosen suit won’t look great. For the thin people, I recommend using a suit with a considerable loose fit so that the actual chest size cannot be recognized.


Under your chest, it is the waist. Make sure that this part is not too much tighter. It looks pretty much dashing when your chest is thinner than the waist. But oddly sizing will bring nothing but a disaster.

Other Parts

You have to keep your eyes on the other part of your suit too. For example:

  • The hand sizing should also be perfect. Make sure that the suit hand’s length is not bigger or too much smaller than your wrist.
  • For the pant, the length should be perfect. Too much shorter can look odd. It is okay to keep it upper your ankles.
  • The waist of the pant should never be too much tighter. You can make it a bit looser if you wish to wear a belt.

So, these are the main part of your suits on which you should keep your eyes while sizing. I prefer giving trails a few times and checking perfectly if you going to buy a ready-made suit. If it is handmade, then provide the perfect size to your tailor.

Color combination for men in suit


Color is another important fact. You cannot wear suits of any color anywhere. Indeed, the taste of all people is not the same always. Still, there is a color code for different occasions. For the exam, imagine how it looks when you wear a light yellow or bright red color suit in a serious official meeting. Things are like that.

I prefer wearing suits of dark colors like deep brown, deep blue, black, gray, etc and bright colors like cream, light blue, light brown, etc when it is your official meeting or educational presentation. These colors are even well-matched to wear anywhere and every. But you have some light color suits like red, off-white, green, etc you can wear them on any occasion or party.

You should think about your favorite color. At the same, you should keep in mind that men in suit should look manly, handsome, and dashing. So, the color must be properly chosen.

Collar Pattern


You must see a variety of suit collar designs in the market. But all of them are not perfect to use anywhere. For any formal situation, you should always choose formal design with less decoration. The notch lapel is the most used formal Collar design for suits. On the other hand, there are shawl lapel collar and peak lapel collar which are also good to use on any occasion.

Other Tips

Before jumping to the conclusion, I would like to provide you with some tips regarding your suit. Here are those suggestions in a list.

  • Make sure that your suit is comfortable for any men in suit sitting postures.
  • Check the buttons of your suit. Try to have buttons with unique design and matched with suit color.
  • Make sure that there is enough cloth inside the sewing line. It is essential because shortly if you gain weight, you can resize your suit easily.
  • If your suit, by any chance, appears to be loosened, just alter it from an expert tailor.
  • The shirt, you are going to wear inside the suit, should be light-colored if you wear a dark color suit. The white shirt seems to be more formal in this case.
  • You can use a matching tie to complete your forma outfit.
  • Vintage brooch and collar pins can help you to look more dashing.
  • You can keep a flower or handkerchief in your chest pocket on any formal occasion.
  • The white man in Suit should choose any color while the black man in suit can go well with colors like black, dark brown, navy blue, cream color, and so on.

You can follow these suggestions considering the occasions. For example, keeping handkerchief, flowers, brooches, etc are okay at a wedding or a party but not in-office meetings. So, think again about the occasion type and make a stunning outfit.


Hopefully, you have gotten all the answers to the confusion regarding man in suit. Still, I have something to say. I always recommend navy blue or back suit for any formal occasions. Also, such colors are okay to wear any kind of occasion. If you don’t have many Suits, then you should go for the formal kind so that you can wear the same suit anywhere you want to.

Once again, I ask you to keep your eyes on size and pattern. I hope, you will be able to buy the right suits for yourself. This is all, I have to say for now. If you have any questions to ask, just give a knock. Soon, I will come to answer you with proper information. Thank you for staying with us.

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