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Best Understanding Business Casual Attire For Women


Business casual for woman, it’s an unspoken rule for most of the well-established company. But the problem is many women have a wrong idea about this topic.

They think that business casual women means they can wear yoga pants, sweatpants, flip-flop, tank tops or strapless tops. But women business casual mainly points that no jeans, no short-dress or skirts or extra skin showing dress.

Women Business Casual Attire Dependent Factors

Business casual attire for women is mainly dependent upon the workplace, profession and of course the weather. Your business formal dress style can enhance your personality and professional image in your workplace.

The most important thing is you must wear clean, neat, pressed and not wrinkled dress as a business casual women outfit. Don’t wear a dirty, torn and unmatched color dress. You can wear a suit including jacket, dress pants or skirts. And the darker the color, the more it looks professional.

When a man is going to business casual outfit as a collared shirt with khakis or even with jeans sometimes. But for women, it’s not so easy and straightforward. Many women have confusion that if business casual outfit for women means informal. But experts say that meaning of business casual outfit means office professional, they emphasized on the word “professional”.

Experts also explained that business casuals aren’t about your comfort. It’s more formal and professional which will carry your image in office and you will be taken seriously in your office. In short, it can be slacks, blazers, formal suit with pants or knee down skirts.

As many women have confusion about this ” What is business casual for women? “. So I will cut all your confusion by giving my tips, do’s and don’ts. I hope these tips will be helpful in your office life.

Business casual outfits may differ from culture, tradition or religion. But here are some dressing style which is professional and formal for all working women.

skirt-for-women• Skirts or dresses

Tightness and length may differ from particular office rules. But in general, skirts or dresses should reach about knee length, within one inch of the knee or below which is always safe.

You must avoid those dress and skirts which are too tight and low. You can wear skirts with matching suits or jackets but that must be formal. And about color, you may choose any deep color for matching.

suit-pants• Pants

Suit pants, wide-leg pants or crop pants are suitable for business casual. Your pant should be cotton. In some offices, they allow wearing jeans. Then you should check your office dress code then.

Sometimes black jeans with nice blouse and cardigans resemble a great stylish professional look. About colors, you have to choose black, grey, khaki or deep colors. Don’t use loud colors like yellow, red.

Blazer-for-women• Blazer

Blazers are universal formal attire for women. It is a standard good dress code for office going women. You can wear blazers with cardigans or tops and pants or skirts.

Color variation should be black, grey, khaki, blue or other colors. You may use bright color blazers, but you should be careful about matching and accessories.

button-down-shirt• Tops or button-down shirt

Cotton slack tops and button-down shirts are very common and basic dress code for every business women. It should be nicely fitted, ironed and flowy. Careful about the tightness. Tight tops or shirts aren’t business casuals.

A collard tops and polo shirt is always recommended by experts. And the length of the top should be below your waistline. Tops shouldn’t hang below the edge of your suit, jacket or blazers. And not too short to expose your stomach.

Plain and light-coloured tops and shirts are appropriate. Simple designed tops and shirts will be a great choice. And another point is, your tops or shirts must not be too revealing.

• Accessories

Based on your suit color, black or deep brown belt can be a good choice. White and colorful belts aren’t allowed.

Always remember that, don’t wear white socks with suits. Socks should be matched with your suit and especially with your shoes. If you fall in a confusion of choosing socks, you can pick black socks.

Additional accessories can be simple and tiny designed jewellery. A watch is also better for a professional look. But you have to use a simple but elegant watch. Bright accessories aren’t allowed. You can have a neutral coloured simple sized handbag to keep your things.

• Business casual women shoes


Boots, flats, shoes, open or closed-toe shoes with leather dress materials are appropriate for business casual shoes for women. Shoes must be clean and polished. A small heel is better for your casual look.

Open-toed shoes are allowed in office as business casual shoes women. But the more you cover the more it will look professional. About boots, well knee-high boots are totally well required as business casual women shoes. But of course you can’t wear micro-mini skirts with it.

Casual ankle boots with leather or suede are perfect for knee-length skirts or dark jeans. And choose the color carefully which matches with your dress.

You may wear sneakers in office casuals. But that must be clean and sleek. Many offices don’t allow to wear sneakers. So, you have to make sure your office dress code. Wear sneakers which are simple and fashionable at the same time. Not too bold fashion or extravagant colors.

You should avoid those shoes especially sandals which make slap slap sounds. And wear those heels or shoes which are comfortable for your movement.

• Jewelry, makeup, perfume and hair

Modest and natural makeup looks with simple jewelry is a good taste for business casual looks. You must use soft, sweet but fragrance perfume not intense scented perfume.

And about hair, you will get numerous quick and elegant hairstyles in google for office casual look. But you have to keep your hairstyle simple and comfortable. Ponytails are always the classic style for long and short hair, but you may choose any other simple styles.

Always keep it mind that, there may be some of your office mates who have allergic problems with the chemicals in your perfume or makeup. So, be careful and always keep it simple.

And many have a question that is pantyhose is required or not. Ans is pantyhose isn’t required as business casual outfit. But during winter, you can wear darker shades pantyhose or tights with skirts.

occasional-hijab-dress• Culture and religion

Business casual attire women may be different based on culture and religion. Like in many countries women wear hijab with their business casuals.

But you must be assured about the requirements of hejaf in your office. If hejab is allowed then you can use plain and light-colored hejaf with fashionable and elegant style.

Business casuals Do’s and Don’ts

Usually, business casual outfits for women including skirts or slacks and wide-leg pants with blazer or suit with perfect heels or flat. But for your benefit, I am highlighting the main do’s and don’ts of business casual of working women.


  • Buy and choose which can fit you and looks professional to you. Such as blazer combo, pantsuit set, tailored skirts with closed-toe or low heels shoe.Tops with button front, turtle necks or polo shirts which are appropriate for working women without being distracting or offensive and also looks casual.
  • When you have jeans in your office dress code, you can have a pair of jeans which have a dark wash, flattering cut. This will look good with a blazer.
  • While buying slacks or pants, you can buy a few pair of neutral pants which will match with different shirts. This will be your money saviour and keep your look professional.
  • You can have a good collection of cotton tops or shirts with variable sleeve lengths based on different weather or climate. Shirts or tops with slack or skirts look professional as well as fashionable and comfortable at the same time.
  • A small heel is always best to maintain your professional casual look.
  • You must pay attention to your undergarments. Your undergarments must not be revealing. Be careful about it.
  • You should be careful about matching and choosing dress color. Formal colors mainly point black, grey, brown, khaki and deep colors.
  • Your socks, tops or shirts and all accessories should be matched otherwise you will loose your professional look.
  • Maintain your professional personality and behaviour with your office mates and clients.

Things to Avoid

  • Avoid wearing too short or too tight dress as well as don’t wear an oversized dress. Don’t wear dirty, wrinkled, smelly or untidy dresses.
  • You must not wear those clothes which are cleavage-baring tops or shirts and anything else. Avoid wearing those which expose your skin like a strapless top, a short skirt with bare legs, tank tops, shorts, a low back or big cut out on the back or sleeveless tops.
  • Flipflops or extremely high heels which are higher than 2.5/3 inches aren’t allowed as office dress.
  • Don’t wear too bright colour dress for office work.
  • Denim is not considered as business casual outfit.
  • Hoodies which are wrinkled and look like comfy pyjamas, these kinds of dress are too casual and not for a professional look.
  • You must not wear distracting jewellery with bright colours or like clunky bangles etc.
  • Don’t wear too old, ripped, baggy or logo revealed shirts or pants.
  • Yoga, gym or athletics pants, skinny pants like jeggings aren’t allowed in the office.
  • Sandals which have straps between two toes, tennis shoes or over knee boots are not appropriate for a business casual look.
  • Don’t wear a pair of corduroy pants which makes ZIPZIP sounds while walking. And one more thing, you shouldn’t wear those heels or shoes which hurts your toes or ankles and make loud sounds.
  • Avoid wearing dress which symbolize any offensive or hateful issue of any culture or religion.
  • You may look messy and dull without makeup. So, you should put a light and simple makeup touch to look classy and lively in your workplace.

Business casual attire mistakes

  • As I told you before that business casual outfit is an “unspoken” rule for every office and companies. Who are new about this business casual outfits, they always do some common mistakes. Here I want to you to be aware of these mistakes.
  • If you are new in business casual outfits, then you may do a mistake by wearing denim or jeans.
    But denim and jeans are not for a professional look. So, be careful about it.
  • Well, maybe you have a shoe rack full of various kinds of shoes. And you want to use those various shoes at your daily work. But, “No”. Don’t do this. Because office professional look only requires some kinds of heels or boots. Of course, high heels, sandals and flip flops aren’t allowed.
  • Don’t wear excessive animal printed dress. You can have a top, shirt or heel with a cute tiger or leopard print. It is always required.
  • But don’t use jazzy animal printed dress or shoes. It’s not professional at all.
  • When you buy a skirt or even suit or blazers, you may notice that there is stitching from the slit on the back. You must be careful about it.
  • Cut it with a scissor and then go outside, it will look better! It looks odd seeing when someone walks with that stitching in place.
  • You must be careful about the fitting of your clothes, not too tight or not too oversize.
  • And of course be aware of the colour combination, match the dresses with accessories well. It’s important.

summer-outfit-for-womenSummer outfits

It seems odd when outside world is melting with summer heat and you are wearing blazers and suit in your office work. But don’t worry ladies! Still, there are various ways to beat the summer heat and stay in professional look. Here are some tips for business casual women summer.

  • Maximum professional attire made with heavy fabrics which are unable to wear at hot weather. When you will shop for summer, you have to pay attention to the weight and colour of fabrics. You can have lighter, airy, linen or other light fabric shirts to feel comfortable in summer.
  • Use light colours and cotton to feel cool which looks like kind of denim and maintain your professional look. You can also add a lighter jacket or blazers which are made of light fabrics or cotton.
  • •In summer, you can use short sleeve tops. It is allowed in summer in office. There are various types of short sleeve female dresses.
  • You can wear sleeveless tops during summer, but you have to add a cotton blazer on it to give a professional look.
  • About color I will suggest white or any other light colour are the best choice to keep you cool in summer. If you wear long dress or layers, then it will help you to flow breeze.
  • And avoid wearing a black or deep coloured dress which can cause over sweating.

There are some important points which I want to mention again for your help. Here are some do’s and don’ts which are for summer casual attire for working women.

Acceptable Summer Outfits

  • Wear something relaxing like lighter fabrics in cotton or linen in cream or khaki colour. You can pair a beautiful t-shirt with a cotton blazer and dark coloured jeans with a professional top.
  • Summer dresses must be in a light colour, soft and friendly fashionable patterns.
  • Accessories always enhance to brighten and update your professional look. You can use very simple and comfortable accessories like a watch and tiny earrings etc. About makeup, you have to remember that it’s summer and sweating season, so you have to put very light and simple makeup to look lively.
  • Some workplaces allow sleeveless tops for young women in the warmer season. But you have to carry a cardigan or a cotton blazer on your hand while any meeting.
  • Dress stylish say that some thick-set heels are helpful for your professional look in summer. Open-toed shoes are appropriate when your toes are clean well.

Things to Avoid

  • Avoid strapless dress and those which expose too much chest, shoulder and back which is always inappropriate for business casuals at any season.
  • Pay attention to the fabric clothing choice. And the fabric must not be thin.
  • Experts say that black, grey or deep colours and also metallic bags which you use in winter are not suitable for summer. Because you will soak up with heat, so put anything lighter and simple.


In any corporation men and women both works equally, so it’s very important to keep the formal dress for women. This formal dress-up can present the reflection of the company and of course your choice as well as professionalism.

Now in few business organisations don’t need to maintain the professional casual look. But from the very early beginning, formal attire is the most important part to represent an organisation. Now, you can say that it’s a mandatory part of any well-established company.

Men business casual outfits are much different from women business casual attire. But I have already given a very lucid description of the business casual attires, do’s and don’ts, common mistakes and summer outfits with a professional look.

Therefore, at last, I want to clear and remind you one thing, and that is business casual attire for women generally points simple, elegant, tidy and perfect match with colour combination of dress. Business casual women example can be like a well fitted perfect top with pants and finished with black stylish shoes. This trio combination is effective with business casual outfit with a professional look.

Before you head out the door take a look on the mirror once again and make sure that everything seems perfect and finished. Because a worthy business casual dress represents personal taste with professionalism.

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