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Everything About Human Resource Management OR HRM


Human resource is the employee or employees of an organization or business who make up the workforce. Human resource is the main thing for any business. You may have a big asset and very well plans, you can’t go forward without a good human resource.

Human resource is completely related to human resource management. The human resource can be a lot of the organization is well known for human resource management.

In this article, I will discuss everything about Ham resource and human resource management.

Characteristics of Human Resource

Human resource management is the root of everything but the human resource also has some distinct characteristics. Let’s know about them.

  • People become more efficient as time goes on. The gain their ability, knowledge and experience by working for a long period of time.
  • Two-person can’t be the same. Everyone has different characteristics.
  • Employees need to be treated with respect and dignity. They are dignified.
  • Different persons play different roles. Those roles are contradictory in nature.

What is Human Resource Management?

Human resource management is a set of organizational activities. It implements the proper use of human resources in any organization. Mainly this is the way to get the output of human resources.

Different researchers have given different definitions of human resources management. According to G. Desslerz, ” The policies and practices involved in carrying out the people or human resource aspects of management position, including recruiting, screening training and appraising.

You can check out the video to know the basic of human resource management.

Basic Objectives of Human Resource Management

Human resources management obviously has some basic objectives. Every organization has to fulfil those objectives to utilize human resources. I am describing them now.

1. Organizational Objectives

The main thing is here the organization has to be confident. They have to recognize that HRM is going to contribute to the organization. The company needs to know that HRM is going to be effective for the business.

2. Social Objectives

Here the main objective is to minimize the negative impact of any demand on the organization. Fo that human resources need to be socially responsive.

3. Personal Objectives

To reach the goal of any employee they need some assistance and encouragement. The organization should provide proper instructions and a helpful hand to each employee. They will be more skilful and they can have a good contribution to the organization.

4. Functional Objectives

Here the organization needs to maintain the department’s contribution at a particular level. But they have to be concern about the organization’s need.

HRM and Basic HRM Functions

The root of HRM function is to increase the performance of employment and reach the goal of the organization by using the lease resources.

There are mainly 4 basic functions of human resources management

1. Training and Development

The first thing is training..Training is very important to get the highest output from the workers. Training makes workers more efficient. Besides, there are some tasks which are impossible to complete without proper training. So the organization need to be sincere about this factor.

Development is especially needed for future challenges. Any organization has to be prepared for future tasks. For the development can make the organization fit for any challenge.

2. Motivational Function

This function is another core function of HRM. You can get double output from any worker by motivating him.

The supervisors must understand the way to motivate the workers. This factor is mainly dependent on the supervisors. There are also some ways to motivate workers.

The supervisors can appreciate them for any good task. They should always view their positive sides. A reward system is another great way to motivate workers. So it is very necessary to motivate workers.

3. Acquisition Function

This function consists of 4 important things. Job analysis, recruitment, selection and socialization.

Job analysis means the process of determining the responsibilities of workers. Clearly selecting the organization’s goal and properly division of works.

Recruitment means attracting potential workers for the job. For that, the organization can increase the wages and facilities of the workers.

Selection is the process of selecting the best employees for the appropriate job. If the organization fails to select the right workers then the organization will fall.

Socialization means make the employees familiar with the organization, system, rules, other employees and others.

4. Maintenance

Maintenance is necessary to properly reach the goal of any organization using human resources. This factor is also dependent on the top and medium level managers.

There are so many things to maintain. The first thing is to maintain discipline. Every employee should follow the rules and regulations of the organization. They need to be sincere about their duty.

The second thing is to maintain workers’ demands. Workers are the root of any organizations. If the workers stop their job then the organization will stop. So the managers should consider their demands.

The last thing of maintenance is to maintain the whole organization. Plan, workers, managers, communication, dealing with everything consists of this section.

Why HRM Functions are important?

  • The first this is it is essential to complete any organization’s goal.
  • To make the workers motivated.
  • Train the workers in the best way.
  • To increase efficiency.
  • For increasing the skill and ability of the worker.
  • To maintain the cost and time of any project.
  • To main the quality of any production or service.


In the article, I have described human resources. Human resources are the root of any organization. But behind human resources, the core thing is HRM (Human resources management).

Human resource management is a large subject. The quality of HRM decides whether the organization will be successful or not. I have also described the main function and objectives of HRM.

If you want to be successful with your business you must have some knowledge about these factors. Hopefully, you will get some information reading this article.

Thank you for reading this. Stay connected with us for more relevant articles.

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