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Where is Gone 123Movies ? To Know About 123Movies


123Movies, the most popular sites for watching different kinds of videos. Some people also know it as GoMovies or Gostream. Though it is not 100% safe for your computer was on top of popularity till March 2018.

You will find paid videos, movies, TV shows and others in this site. Actually people use 123Movies for getting latest and paid movies and shows. There are also so many factors of 123Movies. In this article, you will get everything about 123Movies. So if you were a user of 123Movies then get excited about the upcoming factors.

About 123Movies

123moviea was mainly a video streaming website. Now the website is like a comprehensive reviewer like IMDB. The website uploaded many pirated and paid videos without buying the license. People could watch them free on their site.

Another factor made it more popular. The users don’t need to create an account or put any email to watch any movies. You just have to visit and you can see so many videos.

People like YouTube the most. But you will never find paid videos or movies on YouTube. So for that people had to take another step. And 123Movies was the best solution if people didn’t want to buy any videos or movies.

People frequently visited the site specially for the latest movies. It takes some time to get any movies after the realising date. But 123Movies uploaded the movies very fast after releasing. People may not get the HD print always even sometimes they failed to get some movies or series. But almost everything people would get on 123Movies.

123Movies also created an app for the Roku and kodu devices. But it was not safe for your device or people had to accept some conditions to install it.

123Movies frequently changed their domain name. The original name of the site was Later on, they have changed to,, and so many. As they uploaded so many illegal and pirated videos, they had to face many problems and change their domain name frequently.

123Movies Journey till 2018

123Movies had a great reputation though it is mainly an illegal site. In October 2016, according to the report of the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR), “The site has a global Alexa rank of 559 and a local rank of 386 in the U.S. had 9.26 million worldwide unique visitors in August 2016 according to SimilarWeb data”.

In the same year according to Business Insider, was the most used pirated site. At the time of its existence and shutdown period, it was covered by TorrentFreak. According to MPAA till shutdown of 123Movies, it was the most popular illegal site in the world.

123Movies uploaded HD, Blu-ray, cam quality and different kinds of videos. Mainly it is so much popular among the internet users all over the world. In December 2017 another video streaming site came from 123Moviea. That was was dedicated to anime. It was named was available some more months after the shutdown of 123Movies.

Is 123Movies Illegal?

At present 123Movies is legal. But the actual 123Movies can be said illegal. There were so many contents in 123Movies. All of them were not illegal. But the main attraction of 123Movies were the pirated files and videos.

123Movies would buy a license. They collected the pirated copies and uploaded on the site. That was properly illegal. Besides, they were the most popular illegal website. It can be said that 123Movies were an illegal site. For their illegal uploading of movies and series, they faced many losses.

Is 123Movies Safe and Secure?

The answer is this question is No. This is not a legal site. Besides, sometimes this site provides malware and viruses.

Your computer can highly be attacked by them. Though most of the people do not face those problems, some people had a bad experience of using 123Movies.

Mainly the virus enters our computer through JavaScript contained. If don’t have worry if you use powerful antivirus. It won’t allow the viruses or malware to enter your computer.

The Shutdown of 123Movies and Current Position

On 19 March 2018 123Movies finally announced their end of the journey. Their announcement was published on their homepage. They inspired people to pay for movies and shows and also showed respect to all the filmmakers. They wrote them on their home page.

But 123Movies didn’t shutdown actually. Their illegal upload of movies stopped. But they are now working as a movie reviewer. They rate movies and dramas with popularity and quality. Many people look for the rating from 123Movies to decide whether they should watch or not.

Best 5 Sites like 123Movies

123Movies stopped but some sites started their journey. People will always get the advantages of watching paid movies using those sites. Now I will show you 5 best sites to watch free movies.

yes-movies1. Yes!Movies

Some people say Yes!Movies is better than 123Movies. I have also tired and I am also saying Yes!Movies are better. This an excellent site to watch movies. You will get different kinds of movies and drama from this site. Movies and dramas from different countries are uploading on the site regularly.

The maximum resolution you will get on the site is 720p. This is quite enough to enjoy a movie. Another great advantage of the site is the speed. The site has a very good speed rate and people are satisfied with them. Most of the movies are HD quality on the site. Here you will also get English subtitles with the movie. So, what much do you need after this? So you can try the site to watch free movies and series.

showbox-image2. Showbox

Undoubtedly this is an awesome site to watch free movies. Actually, this is not a site. The different thing is you have to download an app on your PC to enjoy it. This app download system makes it similar to 123Movies.

Showbox is a great site to download movies. You can download movies to watch offline from the app. The app has a built-in download downloader tool. You can easily download any movie from there. They have a huge collection of movies and dramas. Most of the dramas and movies are of high-resolution.

Another good thing about this app is you don’t need to pay it to create account to run the app. You can watch movies freely as a visitor. You also get the trailer of any movie with the movie. So you can make it permanent to watch movies.

vumoo-image3. Vumoo

Vumoo is a very good site to watch free movies. This is a perfect alternative to 123Movies. Vumoo is increasing their collection day by day and at present, they have a big collection of movies and dramas.

Vumoo doesn’t have any app for mobile or PC. But still, you can watch movies from this site using any mobile. This is a mobile-friendly site. The speed of the site is satisfying.

A good side of Vumoo is they have shared some direct link of the most popular sharing websites. The movies they haven’t still uploaded, you may get them on those websites. Vumoo provides the latest movies whether it’s a cam quality of HD print. Later on, they uploaded the HD print of low-quality movies and delete the low print movies. So surely you will enjoy this site.

indoxxi-image4. Indoxxi

Indoxxi is one of the most popular free video-sharing sites. Indoxxi has a large collection of movies, dramas, series, anime, animations and other videos. You will get almost everything on this site.

There movies uploads the latest released videos on their site. A very good thing is you can watch a movie on different resolutions on the site like 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p. 1080p is a very high-quality graphics..

You can download movies from this site with optional resolution. There you will also get free subtitles. In most of the videos, you will get subtitles of different languages. The site speed of this site is appreciating. You can also watch free movies using android or iPhone. You don’t have to register or pay for watching movie. There is only one little problem of this site is you have to face some add. So, ultimately you can choose this site for watching free movies closing your eyes.

zmovies-image5. Zmovies

Zmovies is considered as another advanced alternative to 12Movies. This is a very good video sharing site to watch movies for free. Zmovies is a very good site to understand. You may get confused while using some site but here everything is so simple.

Zmovies has some positive sides for that they are so much popular. You will get the latest movie recommendation from the site. They upload movies regularly and they have a large database. Besides, you can follow their social media page such as Facebook, Google+ etc.

This site has 2 little problems. The first thing is you have to register to watch free movies. The second thing is sometimes you may face buffering. But a good advantage is you can also download movies from this site. So surely you will enjoy this free video sharing site.

Final Words

The article is all about 123Movies. I have described all the details about this most popular site. It may be an illegal site but it was one of the most used video-sharing sites.

I have also described some alternative to 123Movies. You can choose any of them to get the same advantage of 123Movies. Hopefully, you will get all the news about 123Movies reading this article. Thank you.

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