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Essentials of Business Communication


Business communication is the way of communication between all sections of employees, workers, and administration of an organization to reach their organization’s goals. Communication is a very important and essential primary key to any business field. At present a common search in Google is “Essentials of business communication”

The business world is surrounded with lots of creative and profitable business ideas. But unfortunately, most of these ideas are not enlighten only because of poor communication systems. So it is very essential to create a proper communication system in the business field.

If one can’t communicate properly with an organization or if an employee can’t communicate with his own firm’s leader-board properly, how can a company or business field supposed to profit or prosper?

What is business communication?

The process of sending and receiving messages that convey business information and ideas in business communication. But for knowing further about business communication, we must know what communication is.

Better Business Communication Purposes

In one word, communication is the transfer of information from one communicator to another through the use of spoken words, written words, symbols or gestures. It is a dynamic process.

For completing proper communication, both the sender and the receiver need to understand clearly the message that has been transported. However, there are some essential parts to keep in mind for better business communication purposes.

  • Verbal communication: Communicate by speaking. It is the easiest and effective way of communication. You can easily express the topic and theme with the vocal.
  • Written communication: Communicating through written or saved document words writing. But is some cases you might need to maintain rule for written communication.
  • Nonverbal communication: The expression of delivering messages through facial expressions, gestures, and other body actions rather than words.
  • Communication process: These are the acts done by the sender and the receiver of the message to do proper communication.
  • Formal communication: It is very important for the business field. In this case, you had to Share message and information in a particular way.
  • Informal or casual communication: It is less needy in business platforms. Generally, communication and information sharing between peers have this type of communication. This process doesn’t follow any customer or official rules.
  • Protocols: These are the rules, term, and conditions of a business field. It varies by region, traditions, and religions.
  • Context: It is the circumstances surrounding a message. In the circumstances that form the setting for a statement, event, idea in terms of which it can be fully understood.
  • Encoding: The format or get up of the message done by the sender so the receiver can easily understand the message.
  • Decoding: Decoding is done by the receiver. He translating the message in an understandable way of his own.
  • Prevention’s: Anything which prevents clear and understandable communication is prevention. Such prevention should be removed for better business communication.
  • Attitude: It is the way of presentation of the project with a leveled the tone and pitch of voice.
  • Peers: Better communication with peers or colleagues are the most principle task. If you can’t have a good understanding of your colleague, it will surely take the business platform to its falling position.

So, through this communication process, we convey thoughts and feelings to others. As a result, the message has to be very easy and clear to understand the meaning of it.

Essentials elements of business communications

There are several elements to acknowledge for better and effective communication in business. The better the business communication, the better the company develop and profit. For successful business communication, you must remember these essential things:


Business communication must be very clear and should easily be understood by your audience or receiver. So the structure of the communication for business should be very simple as well as attractive.

Usually, a starting point, an explained body part and a main theme and result based ending is the good and simplest structure for any kind of business communication.

You can modify the structure by importance and the complexity of the business topic. But it is highly recommended not to include any outer-topic subjects in structure since it spoils the interest of the audience.

Clear and decent message

You must be very clear about the message you want to give the receivers or audience. It is useless when no one gets your messages’ main topics and themes. Remember confused audiences can’t help with any business deals or ideas.

Separating and making a little batch of the main topic can help you to send the message clearer. Also, you should add some detailed data based on the topic like lose-profits, information of the business or background of the organization as required on the message (Outer-topic data should not be used).

Professional Behavior

Professional behavior plays a vital role in business communication. A professional appears sometimes make a difference between a billion-dollar contract and a loss project.

Professionalism reflects how much you care for your company and consumers.
Professional behaviors reflect not only by your get up and dress code but also by your presentation, detailed knowledge of the company, accurate data, and reports.
Remember your communication’s audience can be just one person, a small team, an auditorium full of people or a national, even global, group of millions. But your detail level should be enough confidante same for any level.


For communicating in business society coordination is very much important. If you are a hard-working employer of a company, then you might not get a promotion if your hard work has no coordination.
Nothing more upsets for an organization if its system loses coordinate of works. It breaks communication between the company’s management, employers and consumers. That’s how a company’s fall began. So proper coordinating is very necessary for business communication.


Medium is the core of business communication. Mainly two types of communication medium are needed for communication in business firms.

  1. Internal organization mediums: It is the mediums for the internal employer-employee, employer – boss or an organization to another organization communication. A simple presentation, phone presentation, Meeting, seminar, video conference, a letter can be used in these cases.
  2. Business organization to consumer mediums: A company’s one of the key goal is to attract peoples to buy or use their product or service. Media are the main way to communicate with customers.
    In this case, it is good to use various kinds of media at a time to broadcast their products or services. Newspaper publication, webpage advertisement, radio and television broadcast, press releases are good for this case

However, for communicating with customers by media, it should consider at the lowest cost and time.

Modern business communication mediums

Modern business communication for business goes far more beyond our imagination today. Communicating with all levels of consumers and employees was never been so easy. Now a company can easily communicate with its leaf level workers, personally, know the problems of individual customers and much more.
However, you can use these as communication media for a company:

  • Blogs: It’s a web site which mostly maintained by an individual who posts his or her opinions on a particular topic. So a blog can be used as a business site update, what people want from them, complain about the products or services. The consumers get more attracted by reading blogs.
  • Smartphones: Smartphones are one of the devices which help a lot with business communication. You can easily communicate with your employees using it, check the status of the market from wherever you are.
  • Fax: This elder machine was one of the famous and rocking figures in the 19’s. Though its usage is decreased at the time. But it still helps a lot in business communicating in some regions of the world.
  • Social media: Social media is a major way for a company or organization to communicate with consumers, taking feedback on products and services, advertising about new ones. Social media has helped every sectors of business.
  • YouTube: Now a day there are almost zero people who don’t know what YouTube. It is now also a big and effective platform for communication with customers.
  • Websites: On this day, every little and big platform has its domain own webpage. A customer can find updates of the company, new products from your website. Most of the people search for website of any organization. So it is better so set up a website for better business communication.
  • E-Commerce: e-commerce added a whole new level in business communication. A customer can always contact the company directly and order products from here. As a result, the bonding between Company and consumer are getting strong.

Avoid instrumental communication

The modern world is surrounded by the internet, computers, and smartphones. Computer-based communication is simple, convenient and time-saving. But the facelessness of computers and smartphones becoming an issue day by day.

Because of the modern internet, there is an increasing gap between consumers and companies. Sometimes people don’t like to communicate with a bot instead of a human being. An organization should provide a physical person to communicate with them instead of receiving saved answers or recorded voice.

Checkout Hand Books

Here is suggestion for you. You can read a book for more knowledge –


The article was all about the essentials of business communication. If you want to be successful you need to know the importance of business communication.

If you are thinking of building up a business firm, then you must be very much careful and attentive to the elements of business communication. Because it is as much important as profit in business.

If you do not care about your communication with employer or consumer, then probably you should forget about a profitable business organization.

At some point you will encounter persons or customers who are rude or difficult to communicate with, it is more important than ever to demonstrate professionalism to them.

Even the largest company can utilize business communication opportunities to remind their customers that the company is made up of people, and customers can feel comfortable enough to interacting with these people when they need any kind of help and questions and other purposes.

Hopefully this article will be helpful to you. Thank you.

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