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Why iPhone Is The Best


It’s getting more and more competitive out there for All the Smartphone’s company. Every smartphone’s company wants to make its phones better and faster than iPhones. So what is so special about Apple that makes its iPhones better than any other company.

Apple’s making its iPhones extra fluent and snappy than ever before. Apple took bold steps to protect its customer’s privacy. They even refused the FBI to scan iPhones for some reason. There are some traits that make the iPhone sell hot as cakes.

Here are the top reasons which make iPhones the best out there:

1) Secure than ever before:

We already know about the security provided by Apple in their devices. iPhones are more secure than every android phone out in the market there is no doubt in that. Apple delivers more hardware security indifference to android. Apple introduced USB restricted mode in iPhones. That can easily block iOS charging.

There is also one thing that makes more difference if we consider the factor about installing apps on the smartphone. As you already know about Android allows users to install apps from outside of the Google play store. This can be very harmful to your Smartphone. If we take the iPhone as an example, Apple doesn’t allow that for users. It makes iPhones more secure than any other Phone.

2) Apple’s Optimization:

Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo are making innovative smartphones with the greatest features possibles and coming with low price compare to iPhone. But not all users consider price as the main factor, Some users trust apple’s optimization and stability of iOS.

Apple’s deep integration of hardware and software makes the iPhone smooth than usual. It gives more speed, stability, and fluentness to iPhones. Apple works so hard for Software development and it costs real money, but it makes iPhone’s CPUs are ahead of one generation and gives a more fluent performance to its users.

The latest example of this is Apple’s Face ID, It uses TrueDepth Sensor to scan your face and logs you into the iPhone directly. Many companies tried to copy these but failed majorly.

3) Industry Level Support for devices:

It’s the eternal truth that the iPhone gets updated more often than any other device. Apple also gives updates to old devices for a long period.

After Updating iOS, many users reported that their old iPhone feels snappier than before. Compare with Android, And it took about a year for the older Android Oreo to get to just 19 percent penetration.

4) Best Apps comes first:

There are many reasons why the best apps and new apps come first on iPhones. The iPhone is still preferred by developers as the launch platform of choice for the new apps. A recent example is Epic Games’ Fortnite, which took almost 4 months to come into Android and is also exclusive for some Samsung mobiles. The iPhone is still king if you want to use the hottest app first.

There is one app that will never come to Android: iMessages. This app is way better than the SMS app. It has many features like group chat, read receipts, stickers and the most important thing is that it works over wifi as well. It works between devices without installing a sim card. iPhones users can also reply to messages via MacBook. Autofill feature is just a cherry on top of all that.

5) Apple’s Ecosystem:

The main reason to use Apple devices like iPhone, Macbook or Ipad is because of its Ecosystem. Apple is polishing its Ecosystem from the beginning and increasing its value day by day. Users Photos, Messages, and even browsing history are synced between devices with the help of Apple ID.

Apple users can also use Universal Copy Paste between their devices. Sharing is so easy with Airdrop. No hassle of Installing third-party applications like Xender or Pushbullet. Forget to add magical pairing between devices and accessories like Airpods.

6) Say NO To Bloatware:

Compare Android with iPhone, When you buy an Android phone and turn it on, You will probably find some bloatware apps which you can uninstall afterward if you want to but in some cases that bloatware apps aren’t allowed to be uninstalled. When you buy an iPhone and then turn it on. You will find some basic Apple apps. The rest is upon you. You can install whatever you want.

7) Use of Accessories:

There is a large number of people out there who use iPhones so it’s easy to find accessories of iPhones like cases to gimbal even personal messenger. It gives users more choices to choose from.

8) Mute Button Toggle:

This is the only feature that stuck from the First iPhone. Some Smartphone manufactures like Oneplus also made a similar kind of 3-way button for their Mobiles but it is not good as iPhones. Most people assume that Apple has patented this mute switch button but I couldn’t find any evidence regarding this.

9) iPhone’s Longevity:

Apple’s main selling point of their devices is Longevity. Users can really stretch and use their iPhones for more than 5 years. iPhones never loses its value. iPhone’s resell value is better than any other smartphone. Apple apologized for slowing down iPhones with their slow batteries but the longevity of their hardware is one of the many reasons people choose iPhones over Any other mobile.

10) UI matters:

Apple’s software developers made iOS so intuitive and simple. The main beauty of iOS is you can teach yourself very easily, without thinking much. We all love it which is more easy to do. It’s not messy like Android’s UI. Everything is so minimal and clean. Don’t you just love things that are extra polished for you?

11) Pay with ease:

There are so many competitors out for Apple pay. However, Apple pay is the most popular method for online payments. So simple to use and so user-friendly. All you have to do is Open Apple pay and bring your iPhone close to the payment terminal and press a finger on iPhone’s Touch ID sensor. With the new iPhones, you just double-tap the Side button and then stare at your phone to use Face ID feature and you are good to go.

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