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New MacOS Catalina All Feature


From the beginning, macOS is famous for its simple yet trustable User Experience. Yes, I am talking about macOS Catalina the new update which can change the whole experience of the user.

In this article, I will be going to tell you about the main features and changes that I have experienced while using macOS Catalina, I hope it will enhance your user experience.

When Will macOS Catalina be released?

MacOS Catalina was released on 7 October 2019. If you haven’t received an update please wait some time or check the supported Macs below compatible with macOS Catalina.

Which Macs are compatible with This new update macOS Catalina?

1) MacBook (2015 or newer)
2) MacBook Air ( 2012 or newer)
3) Mac mini ( 2012 or newer)
4) MacBook Pro (2012 or newer)
5) iMac (2012 or newer)
6) iMac (2017 or newer)
7) Mac Pro (2013 or newer)

Unfortunately, If your Mac is not on this list, you can’t able to use this macOS Catalina. You have to continue with your old versions of the Mac.

How to get macOS Catalina?

Apple makes macOS Catalina through the Mac App Store. the size of macOS Catalina is several gigabytes. So, use proper internet connection and leave your Mac for updating. Don’t Use Your Mac When It’s Updating.

Let’s Talk About the new features of macOS Catalina:

1) No more iTunes for iTunes lovers:
So, the rumor is correct. Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple Tv replaces iTunes. All the above apps are like iPhone apps/iPad apps.

Now Apple User can easily sync between all the devices. Apple constantly making things simple and trying to make the user experience better with every update.

2) Photos app has redesigned:
All iPhone lovers will definitely like this major change, It makes Photos app just like the iOS 13 app. There is this gallery view, It can organize photos and videos easily. Say No To Clutterness.

3) Fresh Reminder App:
Apple finally reminded themselves to redesign the Reminder app. In the new update of macOS Catalina, Apple did that and with all the features we need in any reminder app.

Now, the Reminder app will automatically create smart lists. Siri can easily pick out and suggest reminders based on texts in the Messages app, and if the user tags someone in a reminder, the user would be reminded about it next time the user talking to them in Messages.
Isn’t it great?

4) Combination of Find My Apps:
Earlier, macOS had two apps to find devices and people: Find my iPhone and Find my Friends. With the new update of macOS Catalina, they combined both and made “Find My App”

Tracking down Devices/People is much more flexible. Find My app lets you find out the devices even if it’s offline. Big thanks to Encrypted Bluetooth Signal. An apple device will send the Anonymous Encrypted Bluetooth Signal periodically.

5) Use the iPad as the second screen:
macOS Catalina has this new feature called “Sidecar” which brings Mac And iPad much closer. It lets you use an iPad as a second screen for your Mac. Once your devices are connected and paired, you can drag a window from your Mac over to your iPad.

You get a helpful sidebar on the iPad that gives you access to the Command, Control and Shift keys, and you can even enable the Touch Bar on the iPad if you need it. If you already own an iPad and have been thinking about getting a second monitor for your Mac, Sidecar may be a great alternative.

The second main function of Sidecar is to turn your iPad into a drawing device for your Mac.

Some little features worth mentioning:

With this new update, You can enlarge the text by clicking the command button and hover over the text. No need to zoom the page once in a while.

Now, Enjoy Picture in Picture mode in Quickplayer. Multitasking is done right.

Minor update In Mail app, You can directly Unsubscribe to the mail service by clicking the button which will show you on the right top corner. Also, You can block other users. See that was useful.

macOS has now its read-only volume. That means it’s secure more than ever before. Apps now need your express permission before accessing your files.

Easily authenticate your Mac with Apple Watch, if you own one. Users can authenticate by double-clicking the side button of the Apple watch. It is also useful for granting permission to app installations or viewing passwords in Safari.

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